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News Release: New Sites Launch WordPress and Joomla!

News Release: eCommerce Safe Services (ECSS) at (eSafe Serv), a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) headquartered in Ocala, Florida USA, announced the opening of two new WordPress blogs and two new Joomla! networks.

Ron aka LanWanMan, owner and operator of the ECSS Web presence, decided to launch these new WordPress blogs and Joomla! networks while still under development siting sites are always in some state of development anyway. The eCommerce Safe Services Web presence transcends the Internet with a diverse selection of networks, websites, blogs, and other forms of presence marketing.

The first ECSS domain, and the newest addition to the ECSS enterprise, are hosts to the newest ECSS blogs and networks described as follows:

ECommerce Safe Services at - The combined installation of WordPress and Joomla! on the domain fulfills the need for demonstration, testing, and learning of the WordPress and Joomla! applications. ECSS Freelance WordPress and Learn About Joomla! on eSafeServ provide a place where freelancers, visitors, and ECSS clients are always welcome to stop in and learn more about WordPress, Joomla!, and anything to help with their Web presence.

Knowledge Management Systems Today at - While more than a dozen ECSS blogs take on other roles, the KMST Joomla! community site, KMST WordPress blog, and KMST phpBB forum make up the primary hub within the ECSS enterprise. ECSS maintains numerous campaigns to promote Web presence; enterprise 2.0, SEO, SEM, SMM, KM, KMS, CMS, CRM, KW 2.0, virtual assistants, BPO, and a significant contribution to Twitter through a variety of third-party applications.

Knowledge Management Systems Today at enjoys a diverse audience made up of readers, writers, subscribers, registered members, authors, editors, publishers, and thousands more. Contests, rewards, affiliate, and other promotional activities are in the works.

KMSToday's contributing authors are allowed two "self-serving" active or inactive links/URLs to a website that they own, control, or have an interest in. In addition, authors are allowed two active or inactive non-self serving links/URLs to a website that they do not own, control, or have an interest in which adds value to their contribution.

The KMSToday community site is open to everyone worldwide. Join today!

By Ron Taylor aka LANWANMAN, Ocala, Florida USA

“No matter how much you know today, you will have to know more tomorrow” (source unknown).

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vinefire - Where's The Money Coming From

November 20, 2009, we wrote a post in our Affiliate and Reseller blog about Vinefire, "Is Vinefire Ready to be Picked." Is there money to be made with Vinefire? From the Vinefire Newsletter - Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2009:

Hello Everyone,

For those who were wondering what happened to Vinefire website -- we're back online now! Our website was temporarily offline for an upgrade.

We have some exciting news coming up for all Vinefire members. We expect to let you know by the end of December.

Until then...have fun.

Vinefire Staff


  1. Hi Ron,
    Have you noticed anything new on vinefire since they supposedly "upgraded"? Any new features or changes to the program? It looks the same to me. The messages they send out are so cryptic, no wonder people are finding them questionable.

  2. lol . . . It's hard to tell what they're up to. If they've made any changes, it's to the behind the scenes infrastructure. From the visitors' point of view, it all looks the same.


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